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An SEO friendly website performs wellWhy is it important to have an SEO friendly website? The answer is very simple. No matter how beautiful website you have if it doesn’t meet the needs of your targeted audience or the web spiders, which crawl your site hidden in the background.

The main tasks of every website are to reach and commit the audience we target and my responsibility is to put all of this into practice. In order to gain the wanted aim, you don’t need anything else but an SEO friendly website.

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What is an SEO friendly website?

If we are talking about SEO friendly website, there will be three main factors what we have to consider:

First and foremost there are our users, whom we have to present qualitative content. Furthermore, there are search engines (like Google, Bing, Yandex, etc...), who are judge and rate our site through different kind of codes. Finally, there is the so-called “off-site optimization” whom we could spread the online presence of our business idea on the web.

To put it short there are lots of opportunities we have to take advantage of and a lot of traps we have to avoid. Basically, we can say, an SEO friendly website can be mapped and found easily by web spiders and gives great user experience to the visitors as well. All in all what you really need is a well-developed website.

I know it needs to be explained more in details. So let’s dive into an SEO friendly website...

Is your content visible or not?

Content and relevancy are the most important ranking factorsBefore we consider the details, it is mandatory to highlight that the content is the vital part of every website. The quality and the relevancy of the content are the most important ranking factors in the eyes of every search engines.

Nonetheless, the main effort should be on the written part, I have met several times that kind of content that could not be mapped by web spiders. What does it really mean? I give you an example.

While a web spider sees the article via HTML codes, some content could be left hidden. For example subscriptions on images cannot be crawled by bots. Consequently, those kinds of solutions lead to defective content. Worst, there are plenty of same issues outside what are negatively influencing crawlability (I.e.: banner, gif, flash, etc.). Therefore, you can imagine how big differences are there in the eyes of bots and human.

To sum it up, we have to find the balance between design and valuable content. Why is it important? What is in front of our eyes is just a piece of cake. There are much more important factors standing behind the curtains we have to consider.

What are in the background?

At the moment machines are unable to build a site alone without human intervention. Therefore, there must be a common language to understand each other. In our case, these languages are called HTML (Hypertext Markup Language), JAVASCRIPT and CSS (Cascading Style Sheets). These are the basic languages to communicate with browsers. To shorten, we give orders to the browsers to visualize something to our visitors. Is it easy, isn’t it?

Indeed, but we have to take into consideration the fact that online marketing is about money for everybody who is involved. So there must be some statements from the other side as well.

Browsers want to serve the best and the most relevant content to its users meanwhile we want to have our business at the top of the search results. Consequently, we need to feed the web spiders with different kind of data what they are really looking for.

What are they looking for?

Meta tags

The majority of the Meta tags are visible only in the HTML source of the page. They can help different web spiders to easily understand the information what we want to pass over to them.


The sitemap is produced to support bots to learn easily the structure of websites. As long as we have one, the spiders will be able to update our existing URL structure smoothly.


This file consists all the information about pages we want to deny or allow to be indexed in the browsers. With the use of proper sitemap, we can guide the web spiders along the available resources on our site.

Sadly, most of the websites have some difficulties to implement these basic elements at the beginning. These shortcomings would have a vast influence on their future presence on the web.

No worries. As far as we are able to follow the web standards that are already given, - sooner or later but for sure - your site will be in a winner place.

What about Off-page optimization?

Off-page optimization is a vital part of website developingThere are plenty of opportunities to refer your page on different kind of resources all over the internet. Wow! That sentence covers everything but means nothing. Let’s break it out.

First and foremost there are social networks. Do you know a better place for a website to be visible and active? I do!

Do you want to reach your audience even faster and more accurate than on social networks? Have you ever heard about push notifications? Sending notifications directly to the browser or mobile of your subscribers is as easy as pie.

Over the fast and modern ways, there are other potentials to refer a website like an email marketing, link building or simple advertising. Interesting, isn’t it?


Developing an SEO friendly website seems easy but maintaining it is not as plain as you might suppose. It needs professionalism and appropriate effort to develop the foundations of the site and further continuous work is needed to keep it as successful as it just can be. Everything depending on the knowledge and experience is supporting your online presence.

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